Causal nexus
The bonding or link between a cause and its effect
project details
Illustration, Installation
September 2019 - April 2020
Procreate, Photoshop
The Problem

The world's resources are being depleted by human activity at an alarming rate – destroying the environment and its inhabitants in the process.

The Goal

To generates interest and attention towards the environment through a captivating visual experience.

Final Deliverable

Intended to be viewed in a physical space, this 2'x6' mural was to be hung up in a public place in order to garner attention and invoke thought on the viewer. What is it that the artist is trying to communicate? What was the intent behind the colour choices? Why is there such a grotesque take on these drawings?

These are questions that I would have loved to ask my audience in an effort to spread awareness around the destruction of the world's ecosystems; and observe how art can be used to amplify a voice. Unfortunately due to the circumstances surrounding COVID-19, I was unable to see this project through to the end within the given time frame.

Please stay tuned to see the final installation!


Panel one video
Panel two video
Panel three video